Costco Coventry

About Costco Coventry

Costco operates a chain of cash & carry membership warehouses that sell high-quality, nationally branded and selected private-label merchandise at low prices to businesses purchasing for commercial use or resale, and also to individuals who are members of selected employment groups. The Company's business is based upon achieving high sales volumes and rapid inventory turnover by offering a limited assortment of merchandise in a wide variety of product categories at low prices. As of the 8th April 2009, the Company operated a chain of 555 warehouses in 40 states of the USA & Puerto Rico (408 locations), nine Canadian provinces (76 locations), the United Kingdom (22 locations), Korea (6 locations), Taiwan (5 locations through 55%-owned subsidiary) and Japan (8 locations), as well as 31 warehouses in Mexico through a 50%-owned joint venture

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